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Aquacycl Signs Long

Dec 12, 2023

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01 Dec, 2021, 08:03 ET

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ESCONDIDO, Calif., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Aquacycl®, the inventor and manufacturer of a revolutionary new wastewater treatment technology, announced today it has signed a long-term service contract for a new wastewater treatment system at a bottling facility of one of the largest global food & beverage companies. After a successful demonstration phase, Aquacycl is increasing the capacity and expanding to a multi-year, pay for performance contract that provides industrial pretreatment-as-a-service for the concentrated wastewater produced at the plant.

Aquacycl helps industrial customers achieve energy neutral wastewater treatment and simplifies complex, tough to treat, wastewater. The patented BETT® (BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology) industrial pretreatment system treats ultra-high strength wastewater, removing organic material before discharge to city sewer. The system does not produce methane and operates by generating up to 90% less GHG emissions than conventional treatment technologies.

"This is a milestone event for our company, and a great example of corporate leadership partnering to find solutions to costly wastewater challenges," said Aquacycl Co-Founder and CEO, Orianna Bretschger. "We are committed to working with major food and beverage companies to help them achieve their water stewardship, wastewater management goals and support healthy watersheds. We hope to expand our industrial collaborations to solve the most challenging wastewater issues with energy and cost-efficient solutions."

The BETT system removes up to 80% of incoming primary sludge, generates direct electricity, and can provide a 90% reduction in the treatment system footprint while delivering a 20-60% reduction in operating expenses relative to conventional wastewater treatment approaches. Aquacycl's BETT system employs natural, locally-sourced bacteria to convert organic waste and sludge into direct electricity without methane production. The fully automated system is monitored on a 24/7 basis and modular to allow for increased demand without costly infrastructure investment.

See how Aquacycl's system works here:

About AquacyclAquacycl provides energy-neutral industrial pretreatment as a service and is the only technology for treatment of high-strength organic wastewater without dilution. Aquacycl provides permanent and mobile systems through competitive service plans; and strives to be the leading global provider of bioelectrochemical technologies for decentralized industrial, agricultural, military and emerging market wastewater treatment applications. Aquacycl guarantees permit compliance and reliability in variable production environments, and reduces wastewater management costs by 20-60%.

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