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Specialty Equipment: Now Listed in the Food Industry Executive Supplier Catalog

Aug 23, 2023

We’re thrilled to welcome Specialty Equipment Liquid Filling & Conveyor Systems to the Food Industry Executive Supplier Catalog.

Specialty Equipment is a leading manufacturer of American-made liquid filling, conveying, and palletizing systems. You’ll find a range of their solutions in the supplier catalog:

Dry Solids Bag and Box Filling System: A custom made, dry solids filling system for filling bulk boxes and flexible bags.

Vibrating Weigh Scale Station: A combination powered roller conveyor and vibrator machine built for a dry solids filling station.

Wisla-P Automatic Rotary Servo-Driven Bottle Filling System: This Sneyders model is a rugged, fully-automatic bottle filling machine designed to fill up to 50 bottles or quarts per minute.

Amazon Automatic Servo-Driven Jug Filling System (by weight up to 15 jugs/minute): This fully-automatic jug filling machine can fill up to 15 bottles or F-style jugs each minute.

Scaldis-P Automatic Servo-Driven Bottle Filling System (Piston up to 100 bottles/minute): This is a fully-automatic bottle filling machine that can fill up to 100 bottles per minute as well as convert to fill many bottle sizes or 5-gallon jugs.

Stainless Drum & Tote Filler: Built for food-grade application, subject to wash-down, this filling system allows a group of drums, a single IBC/tote, or a collapsible bin to be filled anywhere from 5 to 550 gallons.

Automatic Palletized Drum Filler: This automatic, palletized drum filler can fill plastic, steel, or fiber 55-gallon drums with or without a pallet.

Portable Drum & Tote Filler: This is a portable drum and tote-filling machine built on a base that is fork-truckable and is designed for batch-filling at different filling stations.

Mobile Pail Filler – Dual Lance: This mobile pail filler has two filling lances and an air-operated lid press that was made specifically for batch filling at multiple filling locations.

Pail Filling System – Food Grade: This pail-filling system is all stainless steel, fully automatic, and can fill 1 to 7 gallon containers up to 19” tall.

For more information, check out the full listing in the supplier catalog.

Learn more about Specialty Equipment in the Food Industry Executive Supplier Catalog.