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Italian Blow Molding Magic Materializes in Michigan

Jul 30, 2023

Norbert Sparrow | Mar 08, 2023

A longstanding Italian manufacturer of blow molding systems, Magic now has a footprint in the United States. The company’s new plant in Whitmore Lake, MI, about 50 miles west of Detroit, is fully operational, the company recently announced. A centerpiece at the facility is the company’s next-generation extrusion blow molding machine.

Based in the northern Italian town of Besana, Magic has more than 60 years of experience developing blow molding systems. It embraced all-electric machine technology in 1997, when it first came on the scene, and completely abandoned the production of hydraulic machines in 2014. More than 1600 of its all-electric blow molding machines are currently in operation worldwide.

Compared with hydraulic systems, electric machines consume 55% less energy and slash maintenance costs by as much as 70%, said the company.

Magic invites potential customers to visit the Michigan facility and see its next-generation all-electric extrusion blow molding machine in action. Features of the dual-station ME T14-600-D include:

Magic can provide local technical and remote support and machine training is available. Spare parts are kept in stock.

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