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Greene County adds up to five million gallons to its water supply

Jun 30, 2023

Greene County is building a new well field, adding up to five million gallons per day to its drinking water supply to accommodate a growing community. The Hilltop Wellfield project is on 57 acres in Beavercreek.

The reverse osmosis water treatment system at the site will provide a cleaner water supply for the community.

Mark Chandler is the interim Greene County Sanitary Engineering Director. He said that in order for the treatment system to properly remove any minerals or contaminants, there must be some water waste.

“For us to be able to provide a peak day of eight million, it’s going to require 10 million gallons of source water. So, just by virtue of supplying soft water, we have to make sure we have that extra water that completes the whole process,” he said.

Construction of the Hilltop Wellfield project is projected to be completed by early 2025. It will serve close to 21,000 customers.

The project is expected to cost close to $10.7 million. The county received $5 million from a state grant for part of the cost.